Visual Composer vs Beaver Builder

Visual Composer vs Beaver Builder: Summary

As you have seen, Visual Composer and Beaver Builder both have their strengths and weaknesses. I personally do not feel there is much between the two solutions as far as creating layouts goes as both can be used to create great looking websites.

If you prefer creating layouts on the frontend of your website, I believe Beaver Builder slightly edges it since the interface is more fluid (though there is not a huge amount between them).

If you prefer to create layouts in the backend of your website, Visual Composer is the one for you since Beaver Builder does not offer this functionality.

After creating layouts with both solutions, I came to the conclusion that I prefer creating layouts in the backend using Visual Composer. This could partly be due to me having more experience with the plugin, but I felt I could create the pages I wanted quicker using Visual Composer. However, I believe it really comes down to your own preference as to which interface you prefer as although Beaver Builder may not look as professional, I found its simple interface a pleasure to use.

To help you decide, let us quickly recap the pros and cons of both plugins.

Visual Composer Pros

  • Significantly cheaper than Beaver Builder
  • Lets you create layouts in the backend and frontend of your website
  • Has a larger range of content modules on offer
  • Offers many developer options and there are a vast array of WordPress plugins available that add additional functionality

Visual Composer Cons

  • The plugin is not GPL friendly and the developers expect you purchase a license for Visual Composer for each website you own (though technically you can use the plugin on multiple websites anyway)
  • The frontend editor could be a little more polished

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to understand
  • Can be used on an unlimited number of websites
  • Has a good variety of content modules and widgets

Beaver Builder Cons

  • More expensive than Visual Composer
  • You can only edit layouts on the frontend of your website
  • The higher priced pro and agency licenses do not justify their additional cost (particularly as multisite support comes standard with Visual Composer)
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